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Real estate in Spain.

Renting and buying property in Tenerife, Spain.

Недвижимость в Испании. Виллы, апартаменты, дома, квартиры, коммерческая недвижимость в Испании.Canary Islands are the Spanish archipelago which includes seven large and several small islands. These are the picturesque islands of a volcanic origin washed by the Atlantic Ocean. Canary Islands are located in the 100-150 km off the northwest coast of Africa. Tenerife is the largest island among the Canary Islands. It is located in the heart of the archipelago. On the island there is the highest point of Spain - a dormant volcano Mount Teide. The landscape is diverse: beautiful beaches and cliffs, green valleys and stark volcanic lava.

The island is divided into two climatic zones due to the mountain ridge which separates it into two parts. The northern part of the island is characterized by humidity and dense vegetation, while the southern part is dry and sunny. But in general, the climate of the island of gentle and tropical and temperatures in winter are about 25 C and about 28 C in summer. It is the smallest difference in temperatures between winter and summer in the world! The water temperature is about 20 C all year round.

On the Canary Islands you can relax all year round! This is a paradise! There are all conditions for a beach holiday, holiday in the mountains, for an active recreation and for health improvement.

The advantages of living on the island of Tenerife include not only clean sea air, mild climate and beautiful nature but the real estate prices are also relatively low.In addition, Tenerife is booming economically. Demand for property purchase on the island of Tenerife also contributes to the existence of multivisa, which is issued automatically when submitting documents to the embassy. The owner of a property on Tenerife is given with the opportunity to live in Spain for up to six months a year. Another advantage of buying property on Tenerife is the availability of mortgages (loans up to 80% of the value of real estate on Tenerife). Tenerife is a great way to invest in property in Spain. The growth in real estate prices on Tenerife is about 10-15% per year. The Canary Islands are the special economic zone, so buying a property on the island of Tenerife is accompanied by a lower tax rate than the rest of Spain.

Our foreign real estate agency can offer you a choice of a large number of real estate items in Spain on the Tenerife Island. Here you can rent a real estate item for a holiday or buy a villa or apartment in Spain to live in this country. The process of buying property in Spain is quite simple for foreigners, in spite of this, our specialists will accompany the deal of purchase the real estate in Spain legally and so you can enjoy your vacation and will not worry about anything. We will help you to choose a real estate item in Spain, according to your wishes, as well as organize a trip and inspect the property in Spain.

We offer realestate:

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Read more KP ref.N-325 апартаменты 2 спальнями 145 000 евро
Object type:Апартаменты (Продажа)
Space:70 м2
Location: Испания/о Тенерифе/Las Americas
Price:145000 €
Read more KP ref.N-768 апартаменты 2 спальнями 171 000 евро
Object type:Апартаменты (Продажа)
Space:92 м2
Location: Испания/о Тенерифе/Las Americas
Price:171000 €
Read more KP ref.N-946 апартаменты 2 спальнями 173 500 евро
Object type:Апартаменты (Продажа)
Space:132 м2
Location: Испания/о Тенерифе/Adeje
Price:173500 €
Read more KP ref.N-858 апартаменты 2 спальнями 173 250 евро
Object type:Апартаменты (Продажа)
Space:66 м2
Location: Испания/о Тенерифе/Los Cristianos
Price:173250 €
Read more KP ref.N-949 апартаменты 2 спальнями 195 000 евро
Object type:Апартаменты (Продажа)
Space:92 м2
Location: Испания/о Тенерифе/Playa Paraiso
Price:195000 €
Read more KP ref.N-310 апартаменты 2 спальнями 205 800 евро
Object type:Апартаменты (Продажа)
Space:99 м2
Location: Испания/о Тенерифе/Las Galletas/100 м до моря
Price:205800 €
Read more KP ref.N-207 апартаменты 2 спальнями 209 810 евро
Object type:Апартаменты (Продажа)
Space:90 м2
Location: Испания/о Тенерифе/Los Gigantes-Puerto
Price:209810 €
Read more KP ref.N- 051 апартаменты 2 спальнями 210 000 евро
Object type:Апартаменты (Продажа)
Space:63 м2
Location: Испания/о Тенерифе/Los Cristianos
Price:210000 €
Read more KP ref.N- 988 апартаменты 2-3 спальнями от 270 000 евро
Object type:Апартаменты (Продажа)
Space:75 м2
Location: Испания/о Тенерифе/Las Americas
Price:270000 €
Read more KP ref.N- 323 апартаменты 2 спальнями 275 000 евро
Object type:Апартаменты (Продажа)
Space:85 м2
Location: Испания/о Тенерифе/Los Cristianos
Price:275000 €

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