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Real estate in GreeceSale and rent of real estate in Greece

Покупка, продажа, аренда недвижимости в Греции: виллы, апартаменты, дома, квартиры в Греции.

The official name of Greece is Hellenic Republic. Greece is located on the Balkan Peninsula in Southern EuropeGreece borders with the following countries: Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Turkey. The capital of Greece - Athens. Greece is washed by three seas: the Mediterranean, Ionian and Aegean. Southern regions of Greece have a Mediterranean climate: mild wet winters, with average temperatures 10 C, and dry hot summers with temperatures up to +32 C. In the northeast, the climate is temperate, with cold winters and hot summers. In the mountainous area of ​​Greece there are harsh winters and short summers. The area of ​​Greece is small, but because of the large number of islands Greece has the longest compared to other Mediterranean countries coastline. Landscapes are diverse in Greece: Mount Olympus, and many kilometers of coastline, crystal clear turquoise sea and golden sands, bustling towns and quiet coves, picturesque canyons and soaring mountains.

Greece - the birthplace of this ancient culture, here you can see many unique cultural and historical monuments: The Athenian Acropolis, Temple of Poseidon, and the Olympia with its Olympics, the city-fortress of Mycenae, and more.
In addition to beautiful beaches, clear waters and numerous monuments of history, Greece attracts the highest level of accommodation and recreation throughout the country. Any foreigner can buy property in GreeceGreece has a well developed network of roads and a modern telecommunications infrastructure that a lot of important people who have business in this country. Buying Property in Greece - the opportunity to live away from the hustle and bustle, and yet not remain cut off from civilization. Besides investing in real estate in Greece are very profitable - real estate prices in Greece are growing by tens of percent. Greek law supports foreign investments, so it is highly profitable to invest in commercial real estate in Greece. Greek real estate market has an offer to sell hotels, restaurants, bars, offices and other commercial real estate in Greece. Due to the fact that Greece is a major tourist center, is profitable and renting property in Greece for tourists. Income from rental property in Greece when subtracting maintenance costs is 5.6 - 8% per annum. Our foreign real estate agency can offer you a huge choice of real estate in Greece (both residential and commercial real estate in Greece). Pay attention to:

sale and purchase of villas, apartments, houses, apartments and townhouses in Greece;

rental villas, apartments, townhouses, apartments and houses in Greece;

In addition, we can offer you a wide range of commercial properties in Greece offered to purchase, lease and sale in Greece. Our experts will help you find real estate in Greece, which satisfies your requirements. Next, we will arrange for you to inspect the property in Greece, and our lawyers will help you with registration of the sale of foreign real estate. All of the purchase of real estate in Greece, we will take, and you will enjoy your vacation at his home in Greece!


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