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Real estate in France. Selling, buying, renting real estate in France

Недвижимость, вилла, апартаменты, квартира, дом во Франции. Снять недвижимость во Франции.

French Republic is a country which is located in the Western Europe.  It is bordered by the Bay of Biscay, North Sea and English Channel (Atlantic Ocean) to the west and north, in the south - by the Mediterranean SeaFrance has borders with Germany, Switzerland, Monaco, Italy, Spain, Andorra, Belgium, Luxembourg. The capital of France is ParisFrance has a predominantly flat terrain, and the French mountains (Pyrenees, Alps, Jura) form the natural border of the country. The climate in mainland France is temperate (hot summers, mild wet winters), in the eastern mountainous areas has a continental climate (hot summers and cold winters), and the Mediterranean coast is located in a zone of subtropical climate (warm, dry summers, frequent short rains in spring and autumn). Average temperatures in the French capital - Paris: July - +15- +25 C, January - 6 + 1 C. France is a country with high living standards, with developed industry and social sphere, rich history and culture, etc. The seven million tourists from all over the world annually visit France, gaining a lot of unforgettable experience. France is the Côte d'Azur, luxurious, romantic Paris, ski respectable, well-known spa and climatic health resorts, the Cannes festival, ancient castles and high-speed trains, modern technology and modern traditions, the French fashion and perfumes, fine cuisine and wine.

Every year a number of Russian fans of quality of life, the beauty of the Cote d'Azur and the local temperate climate increases. Currently, it is not only prestigious, but also advantageous to have a commercial or residential luxury property in France and renting real estate in France will bring an additional income to the owner. The property market in France is time-proved. Despite the crisis, it has not witnessed a collapse in prices and no massive influx of new real estate in France. Now it is the best time to buy property in France, while the cost of facilities is within reasonable limits and you still have a choice. French real estate in Paris and at the Cote d'Azur is always in a special demand. Also property in France in other areas has become appreciated recently, particularly in the mountainous regions of the Alps and Pyrenees. Buying property in France at the resorts of Aquitaine is a sign of a good taste, and buying a property in Biarritz (France) has become routine for royals and celebrities. Real estate in France in Corsica is an exclusive real estate designed for lovers of ancient history, wildlife and the benefits of modernity. Our foreign real estate agency can offer you a wide variety of real estate in France: villas, apartments, houses and commercial real estate in France.

Before you buy a property in France, it is necessary to determine the place of purchase. Property in Nice is of a low cost, real estate in Cannes can be beneficial to lease it all year round, and property in Aquitaine (France) is suitable for a quiet holiday at sea. The specialists of our overseas property agency will help you to find a property in France, depending on the purpose of sale. We will arrange for you an inspection of the property in France, and our lawyers will accompany the purchase and sale of real estate from the start to finish. With our agency buying villa or apartment in France will be without a hassle on your part.

Refined France awaits you!



Procedure of purchasing real estate in France

Real estate maintenance costs


Mortgage 4%


Residence permit

We offer realestate:

Auron (items count: 1)
Cannes (items count: 111)
ChГўteauvert (items count: 1)
FrГ©jus (items count: 0)
Golfe-Juan (items count: 5)
Grasse (items count: 1)
Juan-les-Pins (items count: 1)
Le Cannet (items count: 5)
Le Trayas (items count: 1)
Les Issambres (items count: 1)
Mandelieu-la-Napoule (items count: 1)
Nice (Ницца) (items count: 164)
Paris (items count: 6)
Paris 16ГЁme (items count: 2)
Paris 8ГЁme (items count: 1)
Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat (items count: 1)
ThГ©oule-sur-Mer (items count: 10)
Vallauris (items count: 1)
Агай (items count: 1)
Антибы (items count: 46)
Аркашон (items count: 0)
Бер Лез Альп (items count: 1)
Биарриц (items count: 1)
Biot (items count: 1)
Болье сюр мер (items count: 9)
Бордо (items count: 2)
Босолей (items count: 5)
Валь д ' Изер (items count: 11)
Вальбон (items count: 2)
Вальфрежюс (items count: 1)
Вильнев Любэ (items count: 2)
Гареуль (items count: 1)
Гольф-Жуан (items count: 13)
Грасс (items count: 1)
Гримо (items count: 4)
Дижон (items count: 3)
Драгиньян (items count: 4)
Жуан ле Пэн (items count: 37)
Кавалер-сюр-мер (items count: 1)
Канны (items count: 153)
Кань-Сюр-Мер (items count: 2)
Кап Д'Ай (items count: 5)
Кап д'Антиб (items count: 0)
Капбретон (items count: 0)
Каркеран (items count: 1)
Куршевель 1550 (items count: 0)
Куршевель 1650 (items count: 5)
Куршевель1850 (items count: 11)
Ла Коль Сюр Лу (items count: 1)
Лаванду (items count: 0)
Ле-Ман (items count: 0)
Лез Англе (items count: 0)
Лез Иссамбр (items count: 0)
Лион (items count: 10)
Лорг (items count: 1)
Ля Турби (items count: 6)
Мандель (items count: 14)
Маниго (items count: 0)
Межев (items count: 2)
Ментон (items count: 9)
Мерибель (items count: 6)
Монпелье (items count: 6)
Мужан (items count: 35)
Озеро Сан-Круа (items count: 1)
Париж (items count: 23)
Прованс (items count: 4)
Пюже-Сюр-Аржан (items count: 0)
Раматюэль (items count: 1)
Сан Максим (items count: 0)
Сан Рафаэль (items count: 4)
Сан-Кристоль (items count: 1)
Сан-Лоран-Дю-Вар (items count: 0)
Сан-Сир-Сюр-Мер (items count: 0)
Сан-Тропе (items count: 9)
Сан-Эгюльф (items count: 4)
Сет (items count: 7)
Си-Фур-Ле-Пляж (items count: 0)
Сиота (items count: 0)
Теуль (items count: 5)
Финистер (items count: 1)
Фрежюс (items count: 1)
Шамони (items count: 13)
Эз (items count: 3)
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