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Selling real estate in Italy: villas, apartments and chalets

Вилла, апартаменты, квартира, дом в Италии. Продажа и покупка недвижимости в Италии

Italy - one of the most beautiful countries located in southern Europe. The main part of the country is located in the Apennine peninsula, shaped like boots. Italy is very diverse and unique - you will hit the snow-covered Alps and the golden beaches of the Mediterranean, the trendy Milan and Rome infinitely beautiful. In Italy, a balmy climate: sunny summers and mild winters. In Italy, everyone can find something to do and fun for the soul: a beach holiday, skiing in winter, shopping, as well as tours of historic sites and cultural monuments. Italy is famous for its football clubs, cars and fashion houses.
Not surprisingly, in such a beautiful country like Italy, real estate is in great demand from investors and famous people from around the world!
Our foreign real estate agency will help you buy property in Italy, which satisfies your requirements. Property in Italy is very diverse - this luxury villas and prestigious apartments.

Our agency will provide you with a full range of services associated with buying property in Italy, with legal, tax administration, as well as help you obtain a mortgage loan, if necessary.

The process of buying property in Italy is divided into three stages:
The first stage of buying property in Italy.

Prepare Proposta d'acquisto or Compamesso (Offer to purchase real estate in Italy), containing information about the basic parameters of the object (as described in Nuovo Catasto Edilizio Urbano - Real Estate Registry), location and cost, as well as terms and conditions for payment. The buyer of real estate in Italy is obliged to deposit an amount, which is about 5% of the declared value of the property.

The second stage of buying property in Italy.

Once the seller has accepted an offer to purchase real estate in Italy, is preliminary contract (Preliminare di compravendita), while the buyer pays the seller 10-20% of the price of the property in Italy. At this stage the agency's services are fully paid overseas property and property for the buyer secured the exclusive right to purchase the object, which is completely removed from sale. Usually the whole procedure from the time the first deposit to the end and pay the additional costs associated with registration of real estate property in Italy.
The third stage of buying property in Italy.

In the presence of a notary sign the Final Contract (Atto notarile di compravendita) during the period necessary for the evaluation and preparation of documents (usually 30-45 days).

The specialists of our agency overseas property not only pick up for you an apartment, villa or house in Italy, but also arrange for you to inspect the property.
If you do not want to buy property in Italy, but just going to spend your vacation in this beautiful country at home and not be constrained by outside hotels, our agency of foreign real estate in Moscow and St. Petersburg can offer you a lease (rent), villa, apartment or Chalet in Italy. Our database of real estate in Italy has a huge variety of choice real estate from affordable to exclusive.

We cannot just buy or rent a villa, a chalet or apartment in Italy, but also commercial real estate. In our real estate agency you will find offers for sale of businesses as well as commercial premises for the conversion of a certain activity. You can read all the proposals in our online database, if you are interested in any particular commercial real estate and you cannot find your desired space in our database, please contact our specialists in Moscow and St. Petersburg and we will help you to find, but for order and buy a commercial property in Italy.



The process of buying property in Italy

We offer realestate:

Алассио (items count: 3)
Андора (items count: 0)
Анцио (items count: 0)
Аоста (items count: 6)
Апулья (items count: 26)
Бибионе (items count: 1)
Больцано (items count: 8)
Будойя (items count: 1)
Венето (items count: 14)
Венеция (items count: 13)
Вентимилья (items count: 0)
Верона (items count: 1)
Калабрия (items count: 25)
Капри (items count: 0)
Катания (items count: 2)
Латина (items count: 13)
Лацио (items count: 5)
Ливорно (items count: 11)
Лигурия (items count: 89)
Мессина (items count: 4)
Милан (items count: 12)
Моэна (items count: 1)
Оспедалетти (items count: 1)
Падуя (items count: 2)
Перуджа (items count: 4)
Пьемонте (items count: 11)
Равенна (items count: 22)
Рим (items count: 20)
Римини (items count: 3)
Сан-Ремо (items count: 59)
Сардиния (items count: 13)
Сиракуза (items count: 17)
Тоскания (items count: 98)
Триест (items count: 4)
Фермо (items count: 1)
Форли-Чезена (items count: 1)
Форте дей Марми (items count: 5)
Цамброне (items count: 3)
Черво (items count: 0)
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